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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

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Madonna announces completion of 10 schools in Malawi in partnership with BuildOn: 4 minutes ago
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Malawi's President Pledges to Keep Floating Currency 4 minutes ago
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@Syahir71 malawi..haha:-).jmpa lusa wei 8 minutes ago
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#Gossip #Madonna Madonna's charity builds 10 schools in Malawi - #InstantFollowBack MDNews 10 minutes ago
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EBENLO #Fashion #ART SHOW! #EbenloLucky13 ONLNE CONTDWN TO 2013 #News #Malawi #Togo #Madagascar #Afghanistan #Guinea 11 minutes ago
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EBENLO #Fashion #ART SHOW! #EbenloLucky13 ONLNE CONTDWN TO 2013 #News #Malawi #Togo #Madagascar #Afghanistan #Guinea 11 minutes ago
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Este año me dejo algo bueno y fue el entrenar a la cat chica de malawi! Las quiero! :) son mi orgullo!! #YellowRevolution 17 minutes ago
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Actual weather in Dowa: 20°C, Clear - #weather #Dowa #Malawi 22 minutes ago
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RT @FootballFact101: #HappyNewYear South Africa, Turkey, Romania, Egypt, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Lebanon, Swaziland, Isreal, Finland, Ukraine, Greece 23 minutes ago
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landofmaps: David Livingstone's hand-drawn map of Malawi's Lake Chilwa, 1863 [800x953] 24 minutes ago
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RT @Snduhukire: @faithcnn The rise of African women to top jobs in 2012 cannot be ignored! #ICC #AU #Malawi #CNNBig5 24 minutes ago
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Me & Malawi have had enough of looking after girls, we're getting mortal! #2013 34 minutes ago
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RT @KanguluMonalisa: Happy New Year world (malawi) 41 minutes ago
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RT @wakwaashamu: Happy New Year Malawi. Shout out to my only bro @iam_EddyFly . .ife tichilowa mochedwa tiledzele kaye. Have a prosperous new year ya'll #ONE 58 minutes ago
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#Malawi is 2013 top tourist attraction 1 hour ago
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Morning malawi, and wonderfull people around me, my fellow facebookers,haters, 1 hour ago
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RT @barcastuff: Happy New Year, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Lithuania, Malawi, Moldova, Mozambique, Namibia, and Palestine! #2013 1 hour ago
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RT @BBCAfrica: Today's proverb #BBCNewday Those who want rain must also accept the mud Madaliso Nyondo and Kennie Ntonga, Malawi and Jason M Lamptey, Ghana 1 hour ago
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Happy New Year to my friend Bob...helping people in Malawi. #cnnnye 1 hour ago
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@benchiza seems might be a sad one as I return back to classroom politics and away from Malawi. 1 hour ago
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