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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

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Nigeria Tops group f malawi 2nd Namibia 3rd Kenya last 17 seconds ago
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Thz cane fields! Malawi is beautiful gayezi!! 29 seconds ago
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Ingredients: Water, Portable spirit, Food Flavors. Made in Malawi **smh !!! Some alcohol tho 45 seconds ago
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TONIGHT: Acoustic Night by Candle Light @ 7pm! Come a little earlier to enjoy our cocktail specials from 4-8pm. #Lilongwe #Malawi #LiveMusic 1 minute ago
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Chilling with His Excellency, MmaBanda (of Malawi) + Matona A Puso, - via Btv 1 minute ago
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A small-scale farmer in #Malawi tells his story and the challenges he faces as he farms and harvests his land 2 minutes ago
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Wata? "@Nanzunga91: Former Miss Malawi...Faith Chibale" 2 minutes ago
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Yes, to purchase maize from Zambia while we let ours rot! RT @MalawiNation Malawi to borrow $10 million from Botswana 2 minutes ago
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@abdul216a you can't go through Aberdeen without making some remark let alone going to Malawi! 2 minutes ago
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RT @JayC2310: @CapitalRadioMw clear in Cape town! Thanks...I feel like am home with Malawi's Hit music station! 3 minutes ago
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"@Naph84: You should see some of the comments on this Prophet's page. #Ballsy #Malawi" I must vision this prophet 3 minutes ago
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Lawyer fights Malawi 'widow sex' 4 minutes ago
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VIP is "not interested" in the rotten maize? Is no oneanswerable? @MalawiNation NFRA to assess rotten maize in Malawi 5 minutes ago
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Eh @faceofmalawi:Not Shocked About Malawi Loan,After President Banda Asked For Lift To USA,President Khama Thought Best To Loan Malawi Cash! 6 minutes ago
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#Online #CelebrityNews Malawi chief Kwataine to share stage with Oprah Winfrey at US summit #Cool Yoo 6 minutes ago
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Weather for Blantyre, Malawi at 12:00 on 26 March 2013. Current temp 29.4C, humidity 58%, rainfall today 0.0mm and cloud base is at 1133 m. 7 minutes ago
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@Kariyakhale Im hoping the rot in Malawi stopped the day Joyce Banda took over. Oh wait...she has refused to declare her assets 8 minutes ago
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RT @annachanelle: 20 juli t/m 6 augustus naar Malawi met Worldmapping. M'n verjaardag dus maar daar vieren #zinin 8 minutes ago
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Former Miss Malawi...Faith Chibale 9 minutes ago
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CITW doing their bit for the #reforestation of #Malawi - and then some! 10 minutes ago
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