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Sunday, 14 April 2013

(20) New tweets matching Malawi

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Weather for Blantyre, Malawi at 18:30 on 14 April 2013. Current temp 17.4C, humidity 79%, rainfall today 0.0mm with a wind speed of 0.7 mph. 36 seconds ago
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Excited to have witnessed the Lake Malawi border dispute upclose and from peoples voices #NationOnSunday 1 minute ago
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Malawi,number one place where you can find all types of whores and prostitutes 1 minute ago
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tuthering for BB 9380 airtel Malawi: Am trying to set up mobile intanet via usb cable using BB. What do I inp... 2 minutes ago
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Am trying to set up mobile intanet via usb cable using BB. What do I input here under profile settings Usen... 2 minutes ago
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#Gossip #Madonna Malawi President Joyce Banda: When Madonna met her match - The... #TeamFollowBack GGGooo 3 minutes ago
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You mean whores "@PrinceDannyJR: Malawi has too many wholes and prostitutes" 7 minutes ago
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RT @roadsheeran: Aimé quand quand Malawi. 9 minutes ago
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# Malawi: Learned so much about #Banda's personal struggle on @CSIS from abusive relationship to almost losing her life giving birth #Africa 10 minutes ago
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The EU proposes new anti-smoking laws to discourage people from smoking. African nations like Malawi are worried 11 minutes ago
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@Kariyakhale @Muwemi @Billymayaya1 Malawi politics so interesting 12 minutes ago
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"If the rich and famous want to swan around Africa, they should book a safari." about Madonna & Malawi 12 minutes ago
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@Bgeesmalls #LG #Malawi #Smdh he is crazy. And bet he doesn't know what he wants 13 minutes ago
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Surveillance - Imp of an Electronic Data Collection Tool → #Malawi Hospital HT @LSTMnews 14 minutes ago
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RT @theslantedone: Jadi mereka sama sekali nggak pake lightning apapun di scene itu, semuanya asli sinar dari langit Malawi yg direkam. *applause* #Oblivion 16 minutes ago
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Me am fabulous! No be lie eeee! #LG RT @bengumbo: @Bgeesmalls #Malawi #Smdh but how are y? 17 minutes ago
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RT @AJEnglish: Video: EU anti-smoking laws threaten African trade < Here in Malawi they are bricking it! 19 minutes ago
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Oops, I goofed, says Malawi aide who attacked Madonna: The president of Malawi is furious after a blistering a... 19 minutes ago
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RT @Dt_AIDS_Hilfe: Hexenglaube fördert #HIV-Verbreitung: Witwen in Malawi lassen sich durch ungeschützten Sex "reinigen" 20 minutes ago
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malawi cichlids for sale Selling off alot of malawi that i have no need for... 21 minutes ago
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