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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

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The Gift that Changed a Mother's Life | Face of Malawi
Like many widows in Malawi, Grace was denied the rights to her husband's property. "I had so many problems from that, that I ended up in the hospital," she says ...
Malawi, first day shooting | MicroFlicksMicroFlicks
After getting off to a late start, a couple of detours and stops later we eventually got to Ifgenia's village. Ifgenia was on our short list of possible clients that we ...
Campaign launch, Mzimba, Malawi - Voice Africa's future
The Voice Africa's Future initiative was officially launched in Malawi by the African Monitor's local partner, Northern Youth Networking, on Wednesday 1 May ...
Team Malawi | MicroFlicksMicroFlicks
David and Limbani. Meet David and Limbani our people on the ground, they are the nicest dudes you could ever meet and are invaluable as we are travelling ...

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